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Our Story

Rhubarb Store is a place to find responsible, timeless style. Curating secondhand and environmentally responsible new pieces, we imagine lifestyle without lifespan. It’s normal to combine both new and secondhand items in our outfits, so we want to normalise shopping this way too. Each piece we stock tells a story and becomes a part of the way you tell your story to the world. 

Style is personal. It's about expressing and discovering your identity. Through developing Rhubarb Store, we have had the opportunity to explore the business and fashion world and encounter people, places, and garments that have shaped us. This process has given us a better understanding of our identity and develop a style to express that. 

We aspire to create a space where you can embark on a similar journey of exploration. By introducing new clothing types, brands, and fashion approaches, we aim to provide you with the opportunity to embrace new experiences, deepen your understanding of your style, and ultimately, discover more about yourself. Rhubarb Store is your gateway to personal style and self-expression.

Timeless style is not just a mantra for us, it’s a mantra for how we think the fashion industry should behave. Rather than taking resources and dumping them in landfill after a sad, short life, we want to create a circular fashion industry where reusing, repairing and recycling resources is the norm. Our Circulate policy is a radical first step to closing the loop: we guarantee to buyback and resell any item of clothing purchased from us. We believe good style endures and when it’s no longer right for your story, it will be right for someone elses.

This is style without compromise. This is lifestyle without lifespan. We are moving the needle and creating a place to be proud of. Take a look and enjoy 

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