Circulate Circulate

Rhubarb Store began in 2018 as a vintage clothing store. With this at our core, it is ingrained in us to be resourceful. Repurposing, reusing and recirculating clothing. Without people recycling their clothes, we would have never had a business in the first place. And, to think that some of the incredible items we have been lucky enough to have over the years could have just ended up in a landfill is both crazy and illogical. 

With this understanding and outlook, we are now ready to bring the same mindset to the brand-new fashion industry. We are taking a radical approach to a circular economy, both reducing our impact on the environment and giving these special pieces the value and care that they deserve. 

So, we guarantee to buy back any item ever purchased from Rhubarb Store. It can be 6 months, 2 years or 20 years down the line. In good condition, with a few holes, or basically a frayed rag. We will buy back, clean, mend and then resell through the secondhand side of our store.

In order for a piece of clothing to have found its way into our vintage clothing collection, it would need to have stood the test of time. This is both in terms of style - creating a piece that is timeless - and quality - creating a piece that can withstand decades of life. This is the recipe for a future piece of vintage clothing. For us to create the future of vintage and ensure everything we sell is environmentally responsible, standing the test of time is our overarching decision-maker when curating our collection. 

Not only do all of the brands in our store get a big tick in the ‘Standing the Test of Time’ box, but they are also all environmentally responsible. From materials to processes, reducing their impact on the environment is at the heart of each brand. This is a requirement for them to become a part of our collective.

Circulate is a way of life for us. Not only are we circulating our clothing, but we are also circulating our packaging. We offer the option of reusable packaging, by RePack. Recycled polyethene material is made into parcel bags that are recirculated an average of 20 times, saving up to 80% CO2 emissions, as well as removing packaging trash from the landfill. 

On top of this, we find weird and wonderful ways to recirculate other materials we use. Our postcards double up as bookmarks and origami and our business cards are made from old, damaged clothes. Circulate is a lifestyle.

We work with an amazing and varied group of seamstresses and menders to find unique and suitable solutions to give new life to our damaged goods. Whether that's an alteration, a sewn-up hole or turning a damaged jacket into a matching hat and bag, our team of sewing wizards will find a solution.

We are definitely not perfect when it comes to sustainability, however, we are actively working towards creating a place and approach that is sustainable and can lead by example. Although drastic changes are necessary, we need to work on creating systems and processes that people can integrate into their lives and lessen their impact on the environment. Reducing waste and unnecessary production of clothing is an approach we truly believe in.

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